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Megaupload Online Storage search engine

Use the above custom search engine if you only want to search megaupload.com for files.

Megaupload.com truly lives up to its name when it comes to storage. This is one; if not the biggest site that offers all services related to data storage such as data back up services, back up systems and back up solutions and free online storage among many. Its site is user friendly and organized. They make sure that most, if not all first time users immediately understand what their site is about. Their interactive icons make sure that you won’t get lose in their site. They also have an easy to understand description of what their site does.

They offer a free online storage of 50GB with their absolutely free membership. No need to take out your credit card or shell out some cash to use their services. You might think that their free offer just can’t get any better but it does. Even if you avail their free membership, you are still entitled to earn points with every data transfer. The more points you avail, the more premium services you get. With over a million users a day that can testify, you can be sure of its reliability when it comes to data storage and transfer and its other services even though it is absolutely free.

Their premium service makes your file transfer to be more useful and protected. Premium users can put a password only the sender and the recipient will know so that you can be sure that your files will not be read if received by other people. You can send multiple files to almost 1000 people all at once. This will make data transfer easier for a lot of people especially those who are into online file storage because the files can also be arranged through their online file storage. Also, premium users can upload and download files that can be bigger that 500MB.

As of now, they also offer Megaupload Booster. It is a program that they also offer free to be downloaded from their sire. It makes your uploads and downloads faster than before. Since it is free, everyone can download them. It is hassle free and fast. It can also be downloaded via internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox, whatever program you use and have. It only goes to show that they are always finding ways on how to make data transfer and storage more innovative and handy for their users for both premium and free members.

Megaupload.com is definitely the first choice of many when it comes to data transfer and other data related services. This is because over the years that they have been around, they proved to be reliable and safe for every kind of data transfers. They make sure that they are always growing and changing to meet the demands of new members so that they stay on top of their field. This is why they became one of the largest sites for data transfer. Success does not only happen in one night and this site is certainly one of the proofs of that.

To be able to download files from Megaupload, you need to know the exact URL, for privacy reasons Megaupload does not supply a search facility, you are supposed to know or be given the URL to the files to download by friends. So I have provided the above search facility to find the URL and download from Megaupload.
When you search megaupload for files to download, you sometimes return a variety of different file types. To narrow down your search you can add a file extension to your megaupload search term, such as mp3, zip, rar, avi, mpg, exe etc. Quite often people will compress files with win zip or win rar to make them easier to download from megaupload. You can enhance your mp3 search or video search by adding a parameter to your megaupload search term to cover these different file types, Always scan files you have downloaded from megaupload with an anti virus program before you attempt to open them
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