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ASApload Online Storage

ASApload.com is a data transfer site that is different from the rest. Most sites allow you to upload the files that you need to upload to their site only. That is why in the old days, before ASApload.com came into public access, you have to manually upload your files to each and every file hosting site that you need to just to get the maximum exposure that you need.

Now, ASApload.com is the site that the users who want to upload multiple files to different files hosting sites at the same time has a new hope of having an easier life. With ASApload.com, you can upload your files to whatever file hosting site you want to without the hassle of going to each and everyone of it to upload. This saves a lot of time and effort on the part of the sender.

Another advantage of using this site is the fact that you have control of the sites that you wish your files to be uploaded to. You can select from a check list to make sure that you have control of what sites and therefore what types of people get to have access to your files. It is linked with the major file hosting sites the internet has to offer that is why you can be sure that your files will be exposed the right ways that you want them to get exposed. This site has made online storage a lot faster since you have access to all the major files hosting sites the internet has to offer.

As for security, it has the options of customizing the security options so that you can determine the security level you want your file to have. This makes sure that your files are still protected from people that might be using them for the wrong purposes. That is why it is useful for creating backup systems. It makes online backup easier since it has access to all the major sites that offer such options.

For members only features, you can delete, edit and list files that you need to which you can choose to either apply to one file transfer site or to all the file transfer sites that you have uploaded your file to. This makes editing a lot easier and more time saving. Not only can you do these, you can add comments as well to make your files more appealing to your target market. It certainly beats putting up comments one file transfer site at a time.

When your files are at your site, this is no problem at all. Your site can be linked directly to ASApload.com so that your data transfer is a lot easier to do and to manage. This certainly changes the way data storage systems are handled. This is gives a whole new meaning to accessibility and energy saving. Although it is a new site, it has proven its worth in the business of data transfer. This is a site that will continue to grow to meet the ever changing needs of the people

To be able to download files from asapload, you need to know the exact URL, So I have provided a search facility to find the URL and download from asapload...
ASAPload allows you to upload file to multiple popular file hostings (such as rapidshare, Megaupload, sendspace, depositfiles, etc) at one click!
They have just announced that they have added some useful features to Asapload You may now maintain uploaded files: list, edit and delete files. This feature is for registered members only.
Add comments to files
Sharing links are available for every file (see "Share This File" block on file download page)
Always scan files you have downloaded from asapload with an anti virus program before you attempt to open them
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